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Mother fights for Second Amendment rights even after tragically losing her son to gun violence.

“How about letting me defend myself against evil?”

Lucretia Hughes Klucken gives her testimony to Congress // DC Project YouTube
Lucretia Hughes Klucken gives her testimony to Congress // DC Project YouTube

The powerful Congressional testimony of Lucretia Hughes Klucken dives into the data behind gun control legislation and the real-world implications these policies have.

Ms Klucken lost her 19 year old son, Emmanuel, to gun violence when a convicted felon used a gun illegally, shooting him in the head point blank.

"I am a walking testimony of how the criminal justice system and gun control laws, (which are steeped in racism by the way) have failed the black community." In her statement to Congress, the grief and depth of her experience is palpable. She urges the legislators to review 6 policy proposals that are "misguided and will not have the intended results."

Her declaration also calls to end gun free zones, stating that

"94% of mass public shootings have occurred in gun-free zones. Gun-free zones offer the highest probability of success for a demented person to inflict harm on a large number of people without meeting resistance. Mass shooters are only stopped when met with equal or greater force."

Even while dealing with the emotions no parent should ever have to experience, Lucretia was still able to share her story with grounded logic, presenting her pleas with facts and data first.

"The laws being discussed are already implemented in cities across the country," she said, "We have decades of evidence proving that they do not work. St. Louis, Chicago Washington, DC and my home, Atlanta, are gun control utopias and they are plagued with the most violence. Ten more laws, twenty more, or a thousand more, won't make what is already illegal more wrong or stop criminals from committing crimes."

Ms Klucken is a gun-rights activist and member of The DC Project - Women for Gun Rights. The DCP is a nonpartisan, nationwide organization of women working to safeguard the 2nd Amendment. They believe that education is the key to safety, using statistics to argue for less gun control.

The argument is for Congress to take decisive actions in the fight against gun violence without using imposing policies such as the magazine capacity restrictions and Assault Weapons ban, which infringe on constitutional rights. Pressure to take a deeper look at the existing policies and analyze the historical data we have.

"How about letting me defend myself against evil? Do you think I’m not capable or trustworthy to handle firearms? Do you think the Second Amendment does not apply to people that look like me?"

Watch the compelling testimony of Lucretia Hughes Klucken below:


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