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Honoring Armed Forces Day!

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

What is Armed Forces Day you may ask? Well, in 1949 President Harry S. Truman established a day to honor all the branches of our United States military. Every third Saturday of May, special celebrations for the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, and Coast Guard take place all across America.

Although many of us are thankful each and every day for our military protecting freedom in this country, today we especially want to honor those who have served or are currently serving. Days like this are days we can all come together united in spite of current events and division.

What are some ways you can show support or celebrate Armed Forces Day?

Simply saying thank you to an active duty member or veteran could be the difference between life and death. Oftentimes, these heroes just need a reminder that we actually care about the sacrifices they have made to protect our God-given freedoms. With suicide in our military at an all time high, a little display of appreciation can go a long way.

Aside from directly speaking with a military member, other ways to show your support is to hang an American flag, make a social media post, shop American made and veteran-owned, or even donate to a non-profit organization that supports our military and veterans.

There are many to choose from, so do your own research on who you want to support. Here are some of our favorite companies and organizations:

Additional Resources

Enjoy this beautiful Armed Forces Day and tag us to show how you are supporting our incredible military members!


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