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Did you know? These STARS all grew up in foster care.

If you don't live under a big ol' rock, by now you'd have heard of the SCOTUS decision on June 24, 2022 that overturned Roe v Wade. So now what? There is a lot of celebration from those who are pro-life and a lot of concern from those who are pro-abortion. We hope some of these examples encourage others to reconsider abortion as the first option.

Now, there are lots of alternatives available, and one of the common alternatives commonly brought up is foster care. Did you know, some of the all-time icons in our history grew up in foster care? Here are a few notable stars.

John Lennon


Ah, the eternal debate of The Beatles vs. Oasis. The Beatles are legendary, and are one of the best examples in history of a group that was greater than the sum of their parts who contributed massively for music back in the 1960s.

John Lennon represents one of the most common forms of foster care - relatives taking care of a child for a parent who cannot. Separated traumatically from his parents, Alfred (Freddie) Lennon & Julia Lennon by age five, Lennon was raised by his Aunt, Mimi, for most of his childhood. She sure did an excellent job taking John in and raising him. Brava, Aunt Mimi!

Marilyn Monroe

Image: Foster Club

One of the most famous and well-loved movie stars in history. Marilyn Monroe is, in most Americans' view, the golden standard of the ideal female glamor and beauty, and rightfully so.


Young Marilyn Monroe (bottom right) with her mother Gladys Baker (top right)

However, she had a far from ideal upbringing, and overcame many obstacles to achieve fame. Monroe's birth father walked out on her mother during pregnancy, without ever knowing her. Her mother was mentally ill, and was subsequently sent to asylum. Early in her life, Monroe spent two years in an orphanage before living with a family friend, Edith Ana Lower "Aunt Ana" for four years.

James Dean

Image: Oscars

Marilyn Monroe was not the only 1950s icon to receive foster care. James Dean, one of the most recognizable actors in world history. Born in Indiana, his mother, Mildred, unfortunately passed away when he was five. His dad, Winton, was left in a tough situation as a widowed father. James was sent to be fostered by his aunt and uncle on their farm in Indiana.

James Dean, to this day, is widely admired for his acting skills. He was nominated for 2 Academy Awards for his performances in “East of Eden” and “Giant” in his glittering, albeit brief career as an actor.

He also had a passion in car racing, and raced in several competitions.


Besides acting, James Dean also had a passion for racing

Louis Armstrong

The jazz legend, also known as "Satchmo," was born into a poverty-ridden section of New Orleans nicknamed "The Battlefield." His father abandoned the family and his teenaged mother was often forced into prostitution to make ends meet. Young Armstrong spent much of his boyhood in the care of his grandmother, and also found a second home among the Karnofskys, a local Lithuanian-Jewish family.


Armstrong would later reveal that the Karnofskys treated him as though he were their own child, even loaned him money to buy his first instrument, a $5 cornet. They also encouraged him to pursue music. As a sign of his gratitude to his Jewish benefactors, Armstrong later took to wearing a Star of David pendant around his neck.

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” – Mother Teresa

These are only a few star-studded examples of individuals who grew up fostered and became incredibly successful and inspirational in their own ways. While not every child being fostered is going to be famous, fostering gives these kids a chance to be successful and be a light in this world. It's also almost certain that they will become a better person because of the love and care they receive.

Give the kids a chance.


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