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Country music artist roasts Joe Biden and 'Big Gov' during epic 4th of July concert

"It's time to do something." Country singer Aaron Lewis reams dems in Independence Day address to crowd.

If you know Aaron Lewis, then you know he has his rants, but this speech has to be a top 5 moment for him.

This weekend, The Bluestone in Columbus, Ohio hosted their 4th of July celebration where a crowd of over 3 thousand people got a spicy earful from AFL in possibly one of his best rants yet. Slamming the democrats and corrupt government in general, Aaron doesn't hold back his emotions as he challenges the crowd to be bold. He then goes on to play his patriotic plea 'Am I The Only One' where he pauses mid-song to include an R-rated roast of Green Day lead singer Billy Joe as well as Bruce Springsteen.

Aaron begins by pointing out that the US Constitution is a "rulebook" for our government and it's our duty as a citizenry to remove the bad seeds.

"When they do that - when they break their own rules that they have to follow - We The People have every right to f*cking remove them!"

aHe quips that the reason evil players within the government are always trying to change the Constitution is to take advantage of average Americans at the determent of our freedoms. He doesn't hold back as he calls out complacency and challenges those who agree with him to step up and take responsibility for protecting America.

"Are we going to sit? Sit in our f*cking happy little spaces and wait for Superman to come and save us? Because this country is going to be gone. Chanting U-S-A ain't going to do a f*cking thing... We are responsible for for what happens from here forward."

The commentary about Billy Joe was a little added spice to finish off the singers passionate beliefs. Sparked by Billy Joes announcement of embarrassment about America and wants to revoke his US citizenship. Similarly, Lewis has called out Bruce Springsteen for his America-hating rhetoric. It's worth a chuckle at a very country-fried insult as AFL tells them each to "suck my salty testicles".

The weight of his message is all too serious, though. We can all learn a little something from Aaron; now is the time. It's up to us to use our voices. We don't have time to wait for anyone else to rescue us. Let's save this country for the sake our children's futures and freedoms.

"Its up to us. We are The People. This is our f*cking country. They are running this country into the f*cking ground on purpose. What the f*ck are we going to do about it?"

We are the stewards of this great nation and it's incredible Constitution. It is our job to protect liberty at all costs. In order to do that we must be willing to boldly and unapologetically speak truth and fight complacency at every step.

"Until we f*cking stand up and do something, we're doing nothing." -Aaron Lewis

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