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California Pushes for The Largest Gun Buyback in the Nation

Gov. Gavin Newsom brags about leading the way for the rest of the country.

Governor Gavin Newsom
Governor Gavin Newsom Press Conference / YouTube

It’s no surprise that America is in uproar currently in the wake of two mass shootings in New York and Texas resulting in the deaths of 19 children and 12 adults. Lawmakers have wasted no time in pushing for tighter legislation on gun ownership, and the debate over firearms information is underway.

Claiming that this will be the solution to a gun violence epidemic, policy change propositions from CA Governor Gavin Newsom reiterated that he would be proposing the largest gun buyback program in the nation.

Originally pushed in last December’s Real Public Safety Plan, Newsoms approach aims to “create a new statewide gun buyback program, working with local law enforcement to provide matching grants and safe-disposal opportunities to get guns off our streets and promote awareness of gun violence.”

While we don’t yet know the details of how this three-pronged agenda to crack down on crime will be enacted, the goal is for state and local endeavors to receive funding in effort to keep California streets safe.

The official California 22-23 Governor's Budget Summary projected a whopping $29 Billion in funding for various initiatives throughout the state. Safety initiatives in the summary range from ‘Cracking Down on Organized Retail Theft and Other Crimes’ to ‘Firearm Information Technology Modernization'; a program which will initiate development of combining and modernizing existing firearms tracking systems.

“This statewide effort will not only provide opportunities for the safe disposal of firearms, but will also serve to promote awareness about gun and youth violence.” Newsom writes in his budget notes.

California won’t be the only state pushing for harsher gun legislation, with New York pitching a package of 10 gun reform bills.

In a statement, NY Governor Kathy Hochul says,

“This is a comprehensive package to combat the steady rise in domestic terrorism and violent extremism, strengthen and close loopholes in state gun laws and crack down on social media platforms that host and amplify content that promotes and broadcasts violent, lawless acts and endangers our communities.”, adding, "This is a wake-up call and here in New York we are taking strong steps to directly address this deadly threat.”

In Delaware, Senator Elizabeth Lockman is calling to reignite policy that had previously stalled out in the House. These two pieces of legislation would require training and getting a permit to buy a handgun, and ban the ownership and sale of high-capacity firearm magazines.

This will likely not be the last of calls for major gun reform. In a recent public address from President Joe Biden, he specifically calls for further gun control. Watch the full video below.


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