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3 Reasons To Get A Silencer

Silencers: What are the pros and why we want one!

I’m Britt and today we are going to share with you an overview of 3 reasons why we want a silencer for every gun we own.

1. Hearing Protection

2. Enjoyable Shooting Experience

3. Improved Accuracy

Have you shot suppressed? You probably already know or have heard that shooting can sometimes be intimidating- it's loud, abrupt, and violent, especially if you’re a new shooter. Or, maybe you’re an experienced shooter and you just haven’t had the opportunity to shoot one, and you’re simply wondering if getting a silencer would be worth it.

Recently we got the opportunity to shoot suppressed, and we want to share a little insight with y’all about how they will improve your shooting experience, and why you should definitely get one- or two

Unfortunately in America, it's been known to be difficult to get silencers due to the common misconceptions about them. In reality silencers have more to do with hearing safety than anything else.

In fact, the United States is an outlier when it comes to how suppressed guns are treated. Many European nations – even those with stricter gun control laws, make buying a silencer easier. It's actually seen as common courtesy to shoot suppressed and protect others' hearing.

Silencers Reduce Sound

Most silencers used with commercial ammo will reduce sound by approximately 35 decibels. Just enough to make a gun go from “dangerously painful without hearing protection” to “still very loud, but safe to shoot without hearing protection.”

Even if you do have a suppressor, we would still recommend shooting it with ear pro. Treat it as an added layer of hearing protection.

For reference: Shooting unsuppressed is roughly 167dB, compared to shooting with a suppressor, bringing it down to 139dB. That sounds a little louder than slamming your car door really hard, which comes in around 118dB.

Basically, It is just more pleasant for your hearing and others around you, whether you are inside or outside.

How Suppressors Work

The way suppressors work is that they slow down the gas that your weapon expels when firing a round. Those gasses burn rapidly, building up pressure to then propel it down your bore. When the bullet leaves the bore, a burst of flaming hot gas exits behind it.

A silencer will redirect that gas and heat through a series of baffles before it leaves the front of the silencer. So, not only will this reduce the explosive noise level, but it will also reduce the muzzle flash.

How do suppressors help improve accuracy and increase enjoyability?

Silencers can help new shooters build confidence by dampening the recoil and creating less trigger anticipation, allowing them to shoot more accurately. Aka it makes it less scary for new shooters.

I don't know about you, but I definitely have more fun when I'm hitting my targets better. This not only improves my accuracy but also increases the enjoyability of shooting guns that would otherwise be scarier to me.


It's all about safety. I want to protect my hearing for myself and others as long as possible whether shooting at the range or in a home defense situation.

Hopefully we will never need to be in a position where we are defending ourselves at home - but in the instance where I have to fire my weapon in my home, we’re definitely not going to have time to grab ear protection. I want to know that my family is protected, not just from an intruder but also from hearing loss, especially for young children.

What's next?

We are currently in the process of getting our own suppressor, so stick around for our next video and article, where we will show you just how easy getting your own silencer can be.

What do you think about shooting suppressed? Have you tried it? Why did you love it or hate it? Should you use it for home protection?

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